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Vacuum Filament Dryer

Vacuum Filament Dryer

The first and only filament dryer, capable of drying filaments completely!

Available for pre-order now! Expected shipping June 2020.

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Moist filaments represent one of the greatest quality risks for additively manufactured parts. Completely drying moist filament is a complex technical challenge due to competing temperature requirements for plastics and the conditions needed for drying. Essentially, the temperatures required to evaporate (and therefore remove) the water from the moist filament are often high enough to damage the plastic of which the filament is made.

When all of the air is removed from a space, a vacuum is created.  In a vacuum the air pressure is extremely low and at low air pressures, water can evaporate at much lower temperatures.  This is the governing principle behind the vacuum filament drying method.

The vacuum pump expels all water, resulting in a moisture free space ideal for moisture free filament storage, 3d printing and low temperature drying. Click here to read more about the technical background of filament drying.


100% dry Direct Feeding Spool Holder

2 x 1kg

Low power consumption

 100% dry

The drying mode can be used to dry the moist filament completely.  Drying can be efficiently done at temperatures as low as 30°C!  The built-in controller, vacuum pump, heater, condenser and valves ensure a well-defined drying cycle.


direct feed

Direct Feeding

Idle mode can be used to feed dry filament from the 100% dry vacuum spool chamber into your 3D printer.

Direct feeding is possible with 1,75, 2,85 and 3,00mm filament.

Other diameters can be provided on request

Filament Spool Holder

The filament spool holder has two smooth running rollers for unequal unwinding of both spools. The diameter is 30mm, fitting most common spools.

The second slot is positioned exactly in the middle of the spool chamber for optimised compatibility with different sized spools.

Spool Roller

2 x 1 kg/ 1x 3kg

The spool chamber fits two spools with 1 kg of filament or one small diameter 3kg spool.

Inner spool chamber dimensions: Diameter 250mm, Height 240mm.

Low power consumption

The use of a vacuum dryer reduces the power requirements significantly. This is the result of the reduction in required drying temperature and the shortened drying times.

The power consumption during storage and 3D Printing using direct feeding is extremely low since the vacuum pump only needs to run for approximately 1 minute every two to three days.

Package contains:

1 x Vacuum Filament Dryer

2 x 1,75, 2,85 or 3,00 mm filament connector

1 x Spool Holder


Data sheet

470 mm
300 mm
330 mm
230 VAC
Max Power Consumption
325 W max
Maximum Temperature
60 °C
Minimal Pressure
20 mbar
15 kg

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